Lyrics from single „Kolona feat. Eia – Denní chleba“

Kolona feat. Eia – Denní chleba

Daily bread (denní chleba) of everydayness, stereotypes. This lyrics saying stuff about activism melting away between all those working duties, as it is turning just into the walking banners through our T-shirts and as is it is heading to emptiness. Obviosity or a rare thing?

Wake up again without life essence, cigarette, lungs are breathing loads of poison, it seems like today it won’t be different

You’ll digest the things which somebody else approve, You’ll burn the stuff which somebody else reap, your work have no sense, tables and bumfs lost in infinity

Today you woke up, not going to work, checking dumpsters, things you cannot find, you’ll steal, you are sure that you’ll stab the system by this way

You’ll ruin what others had build up, feeling revolutionary mood, your action have no sense, you’re just tightening another knot of cycle.

Burning barricades – coffee break time

empty parliaments – row in canteen

fed homeless people – overeated bosses

vegan porkpie – last meal ticket

Unloaded book stuff, like a fairytales, reading before sleeping, playing off soldiers. Daily revolution is ending somewhere on T-shirt, riot violence when I’m turning on my full washing machine, smoked tofu from tesco sale, daily bread, minor threat, feeding the hydra from pub table. If I’ll ever read the end, I’ll vanish to ether, have a spliff with Little Prince and join the rest of dead rappers.