Lyrics from album „Křižovatky“


Tell me bro which app will you download

for your recipes of joy, in same way not stay in a cage

bro, imagine some random complication

which will ruin your plans and just bullshit remains

I‘ve seen bro, long ago that you‘re lost

your recipes from google are part of your own betray

I‘ve seen bro, long ago that you‘re not listening the advices

your virtual lives are part of your head

what‘s on your mind? they‘re stealing your thoughts

your „like“ habits are making an algorhythms

secrets are gone, getting older by minutes

habits of new generations are making whole portfolio

what‘s on your mind? When they‘re manipulating with you

you cannot hide stuff on facebook playfield

secrets are a gate, mutual database

your virtual footprints are making the whole piece

you have an Iphone and twothousanfivehundred friends

but your status is simple as fivehundred smackers

you have to fit in, to be loved and cool

your social life is poor, mind is as sprout

thin and bendable, nicely vulnerable

as the corporate companies like it

they‘ll sell you what you want, even it‘s so unnecessary

tell me what you want, but you‘re part of this game



my legs are like roots, deeply in a land

if you wanna get me down, you have to burn also this country

if I‘ll be proud, I‘ll be maybe against it

but this country smells like any other one

my way might not be your way

but it‘s alright, answer is easy

Dead Prez is rapping about it: „my religion is life“

i believe, so I am, not a nihilist dick

my way might not be your way

but it‘s okay, I‘m not a fundamentalist

for this cases we have intersections

where we can meet without any worries

my roots are in a land, but I understand your stands

I can whip them out and start a discussion

I‘ve met so many people even if I‘m young

so many cultures, and diverse beliefs

I wasn‘t stucked by the fine living

like a hater with keyboard

I‘ve travelled piece of world and find new languages

even if it was muslim or anarchist

it worth it, even if it‘s not my way

before I can tell you that religion sucks

but if the one is clever, it‘s good

catharsis of our acts, wide view

not worshiping the gins for political decrets

it‘s a good tool, just became to know how to use it well

throw away the tackling and avoid to serve the masters

my way might not be your way

but it‘s alright, answer is easy

my way might not be your way

but it‘s okay, I‘m not a fundamentalist

my way might not be your way

I believe in myself, I‘m not an ateist

my way might not be your way

Eating vegan food, I‘m still an anarchist

my way might not be your way

manipulate masses it‘s not a good way

no way as the way

my way might not be your way



punk is dead, long live the punk

i was sitting on memorial meeting and crying

I‘ve seen it all and felt it on my skin

I know what I‘m talking about, it‘s not some babbles

punk is dead, long live the punk

punks were killed it, they rather took a junk

I heard it all, it‘s blending with one phrase

I don‘t believe my ears, where it‘s all gone?

Booze and dope, animal instinct

there‘s a truth in a wine, let‘s drink whole barrel

what do we learn, I don‘t know

I don‘t have to be straight edge to know more

smart babbles at 2 am, hollow talks crying in spasm

all the things you said, you also reap

empty granary shows that you‘ve end by the crop time

you‘ve ended on the same place like you‘ve started

nobody cares about you, nobody is listening to you

nobody cares about your idea scenery

punk as an principle, not a pose or a fashion

cut out your cherokee, it‘s not a nitty-gritty

punk as an esprit – ingenious activity

do what you want (disko), but try to put some content in it

punk is expletive word, call it with some other word

instead of babbles in pub, try to do opposite sometimes

punk is dry corpse, so don‘t be a feral guy

put some life in it, ventilate that stench

I don‘t care if is it still in punk cushion

words have to be powerful ammo, like the one from tanks

shoot which will not miss the target

it‘ll bite to the bone and tease your stereotype

it will bring the wood to the forest by its diligence

then it‘s just one match and horizons will light up

like a lighthouse for your rusty boats, which stays on shallow

they became an anchor, ended somewhere on the ground of the sea

pose for so many years, like number of flyes on the shit

stoical truth, we have to ventilate the air

what do we learn I want to say

I don‘t have to be pope to head more higher

we are bathing in felicity, dauntless without worries

all what we sow, we also reap

empty granary shows that crop was poor

another blind alley which allure you to attack



i feel so high i wanna fly in the sky

marihuana is my love with her i’m like a butterfly

she shows me the true, i love her essence

she gives me the love,she gives me my sixth sense

alcohol is murder, ganja is the remedy

you must know it, comeon, than you’ll catch this melody

feel this joint, feel him for real

you must smoke the herb, then you´ll be clear

let’s smoke the weed together, she’s spreading the grip

alright, i wanna feel the skunk on my lip

enjoy this joint, roll it, feel it, smoke it

herb is connection between the poeple, you must know it

you cannot have a fear, you can prove it

be free without troubles, take it easy, you can do it

so what you waiting for, you must defuse it

you must smoke it everyday at least a little bit

I recognise this smoke, I know this vibe

it‘s touching me softly, like it fall in love with me

it‘ll calm down the tense with the hug

and release the systém which will absorb you

digesting, whispering into my ear

inspiring the synapses, spreading the threads

colouring the things, giving me a brush

force me to the action, hyping my back

I‘m not in the depression, positive vibe

I‘m getting this lectures, negative fight

I can smoke the dope, but I cannot gaze

fantasy is flowing, judging my Muse

releasing the connection, calming down the press

stopping the time, banishing stress

nic se nemá přehánět ale zkus ten podkres

make a unworldliness, afford some progress

I‘m not a coach, master of your smoke

no slave, no master, no god or peasant

I can smoke the dope, but I‘ll stay on my feets on the floor

I have to work, not just lay in a bed

I can smoke the dope, but I cannot gaze

fantasy is flowing, judging my Muse



You‘re heading backwards, there‘s no way forward

using the poison to turn into the ice

the things you cannot believe will not mess your head

the things you forbid to yourself will be your painlessness

selfconfident, special made for you, debt from hell which will sentence you

skills are going up like stock market, you‘re pimp then a whore

preaching from below, stuffing the stomach, you‘re ruining your teeth by sweet shits

skills are going down like stock market, you‘re cool, then a faggot

if I‘ll have a state, politics will be hungry, as they fall, they steal, now they‘re unemployed

for cruel sickness use the best drugs, for delightful help stand the longest queues

You‘re heading backwards, there‘s no way forward

using the poison to turn into the ice

the things you cannot believe will not mess your head

the things you forbid to yourself will be your painlessness

superclear, beautiful, challenge which is gently rubbing your hair

the feeling which makes you asleep, the fear which is kissing your hand

freezing on your back is running like Bolt, cold colt is on your neck

it‘s without ammo, it‘s just a hype, you‘ll win without any battle, it‘s hype again

if I‘ll love myself, I‘ll be never hungry, as he fall and rot now he must feed the mass

for dull herd use those old tricks, divide and conquer, to have own puppets



taking off the clothes, making the truth naked

it‘s like a onion, layers on layers

my eyes are crying, even that it‘s not strange to me

it‘s like the last time, catharsis is sleeping

truth is getting sof, you can count it again

numbers will be same, but you‘ll hide the result

illusion of comprehension, satisfaction

disillusion of redemption like your goal

nocturnal emission, daydreaming is changing your menu

to four walls

revolution by three shifts is changing your walls

to daily menu

I‘m doing mistakes, to be able to do a catharsis

anyway I‘ll not make the stand in front of you

you‘re standing like a rock, even that you were afraid

just trust yourself a litlle bit, then you can jump

streams will play with you, guide you through the land

it‘ll show you your mind by bird‘s eyeview

streams will play with you, they‘ll carry me to you

just have a respect and it will show you the hidden things

I‘m doing mistakes, to be able to do a catharsis

anyway I‘ll not make the stand in front of you

you‘re standing like a rock, even that you were afraid

just trust yourself a litlle bit, then you can jump

disillusion of redemption like your goal

I‘m still dreaming, dreaming in my soul

it‘s like a roulette, dreams are changing rapidly

my eyes are swinging and you‘re sneaking secretly

it‘s like the last time, you‘ve enter there again

wet dreams or nightmares, you changing it by your mood

mood shootout in bargain cheap package

illusion will satisfy you, but ego is still hungry

disillusion of redemption will not miss the target



You‘re czech czech czech, so tell me who cares about it

banging your chest, whole scenery is shaking

leave your land under your feets

you‘re renting it anyway with all the increases

nothings belong to you, we are not your brothers, mass messed by pride

whose not jumping, never reach the top, so jump

break your head, raise the nation

this nation iced to zero, plain humans

golden czech, promising, that‘s all folks

no instructions, just babbles which fits in

hand in hand walking around the hot soup

and there‘s more of them, whose defending it like Hašek

give back all those beer bottles in supermarket

burn the cash with fair tax, while kissing some random lady

predators in concrete jungle, I‘ll start hunt the people

I‘ll cut them fine and eat, that‘s the way

to make the trophies, dance around the fire

genocide of kind, now fire the torches

we‘ll kidnap you away, to the edhe of outer realities

you‘ll ask yourself, that you‘ll soon end the journey

sometimes I‘m asking myself, why are we here

respecting nothing, just for money

our xenophobic nation, let them die

I don‘t stand for that shit, low IQ cause it

what‘s your problem you dull axes?

i love roma people, who will hang me?

Sitck your shit up your ass

it‘s not possible to listen it, you call it hits

babbles about your full house of money

we see others starve by hunger

so come around

we‘re all bastards, who‘ll not prove it?

it‘s double time more when they start to measure it with same meter

maybe we‘ll come to vote, sell your souls

our will never be sold, till our heart beats

we‘ll never end the miscalls

raising the middle finger for all those pricks

whose don‘t know the shit, even their bank accounts

are you kidding me, clubs are closing

I hear the dogs barking, just empty babbles

make the fence, still you cannot hide

you‘ll became alone, i swear man

proud of your skin color, you are just trash for us

proudly against you we‘re sending these lines

I‘m dreaming, if I‘ll head to stillness

I‘ll not preach, like preacher of people voice

we‘ve found potential to avoid killing of animals

gluttony makes the hungry pigs from people

pack of sheeps, just funny horde

maybe hundred times, it‘s all simple

calculus, consume, fuck it

our feelings are gone, let‘s make something

end will come, we‘ll became a dust

we‘ll get lost in space

without any time knowledge

again and again stepping to the same river

we‘re breaking our necks calmly

just rest in peace

everything have its time and reason

I‘ll never deny my origin

I don‘t care what you think

die by anger and také an oxygen

die by heartache and show your queer

crush the pill, world peace

avoid the words, write a book

torn the pages, or stay in booze

show to all of those nazis

what‘s your on your mind

windows with molotows

you bet me a buck

stuffing the kush, meat is sin

heading to the grave, el paso

you‘re not into it? I give a fuck

I‘ll look at the sky when is my departure

cheap petticoats, it‘ll allure me again

accept the thing, that Canada is winning

our nation is crying, they are messed up

Jágr is president and Váňa still jockey

our nation is crying they fear is shining from the news

Tomio (Okamura) is immigrant, I feel some dope in here

yellow knight in white armour

burning some nikab in Jihad

taking back cans on their place, you‘re import

japanese tourist




A slow conception of a lifeform that

Will shortly make you die in torment

Took several decades Now its ready to crawl out of its egg

It’s the cyber parasite Lurking at you from every device

Touch it touch it Swallow it swallow it

You won’t get rid of the prisoner

The cyber parasite will interfere with your hormones

Cyber parasite – with your blood stream

The cyber parasite will lock your internal organs with a password

The cyber parasite will hack your speech

A sudden contraction Someone loaded up a virus into you

While you were paying for shopping

With your finger print The muscle bends

A tense limb Phantom pains Your joint jams

The virus uploads its digital spawn into you

A fuse lights up your bloodstream

Nano-colonies plaster up your heart and go for the aorta

But they do harm from the outside

Just like vanilla on trees Suck the syrup up just like aphid

The clot don’t rot But the bones rust

The glands overproduce all they can

This could mean disaster It sticks inside the head

Produces sediment Poisoning the brains and womb waters

The cyber parasite can make your future change

The offer of a lifetime’s just one click away

The offer of a lifetime – just one glitch…

It‘s a cyber parasite digging under your skin, probably nobody helps you out, if you fall under the control

it‘s a cyber parasite sneaking under your skin, it‘s so friendly, that you don‘t mind

voice which is acclaiming you, burning your hand, at same time promising nice dreams

voice which is alluring you, burning the marks, IP, ID, PIN, come in

I‘m paying, so I am, there, where‘s my dream, parasite as my precedent

why I‘m here, I‘m not living the dream, I‘m just food for your provident

click which is titillating you, likes that‘s stroking you, feeling nothing, it‘s just a game

false ballast, cheap booze, empty brains, no sequel

they‘ll go there, asking for nothing, they‘re inside, sucking your mind

then they put the information inside you and make those formation

the game can start, field is empty, all your weapons have blank ammo